Southfield Library is Fine Free

Our goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy all the materials the library has to offer. Fines are more punitive than supportive, and do not provide a significant amount of income to the Library. Overdue fines prevent some patrons–especially young ones–from checking out items. The public library model has always been based on trust between borrowers and a valued community resource. We believe if our materials are returned, there is no longer a need to charge overdue fines.

Fine Free

  • We will no longer charge overdue fines for late items.
  • You will no longer be assessed a daily fine for overdue materials.
  • You are still responsible for returning materials on time.
  • You will still receive courtesy reminders to return your items. Items will still have due dates.
  • All past overdue fines have been removed from your account. If you have a fine that still appears on your account, please ask to speak to a supervisor at the Circulation Desk.
  • Items borrowed from other libraries (MeLCat) will still accrue fines. MeLCat fines are $1 dollar a day.

How does it work?

  • Items will be renewed automatically twice.  Please see the renewal chart.

What items cannot be renewed automatically?

  • Items borrowed from other libraries (MeLCat);
  • Items with holds;
  • Items that have reached 2 auto-renewals.
An auto-renewal notice will be sent 1 day before an item is set to renew. The notice will contain the new due date for items that will renew. Any items that don’t renew will have their original due date in the notice.

Overdue Notices

  • An overdue notice will be sent 10 days after the initial check out period and two automatic renewals have expired.
  • A bill for replacement will be sent 21 days after the 2 automatic renewals have expired.
  • If items are 31 days overdue, they may be sent to a collection agency.
Items must be returned in usable condition to avoid a bill for replacement.

Lost or Damaged items
While traditional fines will not accumulate, the following for lost or damaged items will still apply.

When an item is returned damaged, reported lost or not returned, the patron will be billed the purchase cost of the item. Patrons are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of a damaged item, except where such damage is determined to be the result of normal wear and tear.  The lending library determines replacement costs for MeLCat materials.

Call us @ 248-796-4208 for more information or to login to your library card account.

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