Southfield Public Library's Mission

Southfield Public Library’s vision is encompassed in four simple words:

We help people succeed.

A mission encompasses the day-to-day goals of a library. Southfield Public Library’s mission is to enrich the life of the community by providing opportunities to learn, connect, enjoy and discover.

Southfield Public Library’s Values

Southfield Public Library’s Roles

Circle containing the SPL Roles of making information available

SPL acts as a guide to make timely, accurate and useful information accessible in a variety of formats.  SPL helps patrons fill specific reference requests and locate and retrieve information.  SPL’s vast array of resources, including specialized business information, is available in person, by phone and by computer.

SPL provides materials to meet the ongoing needs of our community for lifelong learning.  To promote literacy in all age groups, SPL offers collections and programs to encourage reading and information literacy.

SPL assists students of all ages in locating information for class assignments.  SPL develops partnerships with local schools and colleges to provide instruction on library use.  SPL complements the collections of school/college libraries and the curriculum of public, private and home schools.

SPL provides current titles in high demand to satisfy local recreational interests.  Materials are offered in a variety of formats and languages.  SPL offers expert guidance to these collections.

SPL serves as a hub of community living and culture, offering opportunities for personal enrichment and growth.

SPL creates well-designed, stable systems in a welcoming environment where patrons receive assistance, training and access to the newest technologies.

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