Copying, Printing, Faxing & Scanning

Copy, printing, and computer usage are currently available on the 1st and 3rd Floors.


The Library has Canon Image Runner multi-function photocopiers / scanners on all three floors in our Copy Rooms. These machines can copy printed material, fax, scan to e-mail or USB, and print from e-mail or USB.


Public computer users on all three floors may print to conveniently located black and white printers.  The cost to print to these printers is .15 per page.  Print jobs may also be sent to a Color Printer on each floor, located in the Copy Room.  Color print outs cost .50 per page.  Mobile Printing is now available! Check out the Mobile Printing Portal for instructions. Please see a Computer Assistant or Librarian if you need assistance with printing.

Faxing – Sending

Faxes may be sent from each of the three machines. Cover sheets are available and can be sent at no charge. Cost to send other pages faxed is 1.00 per page; faxes are paid for at the Circulation Desk after the fax has been sent; only cash is accepted.  Note:  while you will not be charged at the machine for faxing, you must either insert a copy/print card with a value of at least .15 OR insert at least .15 change into the machine to begin faxing.  Payment for faxing is made on the basis of the confirmation sheet you will receive noting the number of pages sent — please take this page to the Circulation Desk on the first floor and pay 1.00 for each page faxed. Only cash payments are accepted.

Faxing – Receiving

Faxes may be received at the Library, although users are cautioned that the Library is a public place and receiving confidential materials at a public location may not always be appropriate. The fax number of the Receiving machine is (248) 945 – 5101. You should arrange to be present when you are expecting a fax. If a fax is received at the machine and no one is present, it will be taken to the Circulation Desk and held. Cost to receive a fax is 1.00 per page. Only cash payments are accepted.

Print / Copy Cards

All printing from public computers must be done with a Print / Copy card Print / Copy cards are available for purchase in each of the Copy Rooms on all three floors.  A card must be initially purchased with a 1.00 dollar bill; users may then add additional value to the card depending on how much printing (or copying) they need to do.  Printing from the black and white printers on the public floors and in the Labs is .15 per page.  Color printing is .50 per page.  As Print / Copy cards may be kept and reused, we urge users to retain them.  No refunds can be given for cards erroneously purchased or unused balances on cards.

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