Seed Library

Along with all of the books, media and online resources available at the Southfield Public Library, you now have access to dozens of different varieties of seeds! Seed libraries allow you to “check out” packets of seeds similar to how you would check out books. Then, after the growing season, you can harvest the seeds from your plants and return them to the library. Seed libraries can offer you a closer connection to nature, a chance to commune with other gardeners and the potential to bring more sustainable practices into your everyday life.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1 visit the seed library with an image of various types of seeds piled on a white surface

Step 1
Come visit the Seed Library on the 2nd Floor and browse our collection of seeds. The seeds are sorted into categories of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Step 2
Pick up to three packets per visit (up to 15 per season) and sign them out of our checkout book. 
No Library card required!

Step 3 Plant your seeds; an imagine of a young green sapling emerging from dirt

Step 3
Plant your seeds and help them grow.

Step 4
Harvest the seeds and return them in a sealed packet/bag with a filled-out donation form attached. Forms are available next to the Seed Library.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Wes Schumacher at

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