Exhibit Policy & Application

Library Exhibit Policy

As the Southfield Public Library is Yours to Explore, the Library strives to showcase a variety of ever-changing artwork. Exhibits and displays in the Library enrich the library experience for patrons.

Exhibit Selection
In selecting exhibits, the Southfield Public Library will take into consideration:

  • Quality of the artwork
  • Overall community interest
  • Historical prominence or significance of the artist or arts organization
  • Relevance to Library programs
  • Dates of previous Library exhibits by the same artist, lender or organization
  • Dates of previous Library exhibitions of similar items or topics
  • Special needs or cost associated with the proposed exhibits
  • Priority will be given to residents of Southfield and Lathrup Village
  • Student art work will only be accepted from Southfield and Lathrup Village public or private schools or children who live in Southfield or Lathrup Village

The Library will consider a wide range of artistic expression in deciding on potential exhibitors. However, in deciding on the suitability of any work, Library staff is mindful that the areas of display are used for normal library activity and will be viewed by all segments of the community and all age groups.

Display Guidelines
The Library has the right to review the materials before the exhibit is set up. The Library will not accept displays, exhibits, etc. which are judged illegal, offensive or inappropriate for a public library setting (i.e. one that is free and open to persons of all ages).

Exhibit scheduling is coordinated by the Community Outreach Department. Library exhibit areas are available to individuals and groups if the Library has not previously scheduled the use of those exhibit spaces. It is not the intent of the Library to provide permanent or continuous exhibit space to a specific individual or group. No individual or group may display items more than once a year.

Displays and exhibits will be approved and scheduled as space permits. The sponsoring group or individual is responsible for creating the display, setting it up according to schedule and removing it before the next scheduled display or exhibit. Exhibits are normally scheduled for a one or two month period of time. Exhibitors must provide an inventory with the value of each item and the value at the time the exhibit is setup.

If the exhibit is not removed by the end of the exhibition period, the Library has the right to remove the exhibit if necessary to make the space available to the next exhibitor. The Library will provide written notice to the exhibitor to retrieve the exhibit. If the exhibitor does not contact the Library within fourteen days of this mailing, items will become the property of the Library. The Library will dispose of these items at its discretion.

Exhibit Presentation
Two-dimensional artwork must be suitably framed and ready for hanging. Unframed artwork will not be exhibited without specific permission of the Library. Labels and exhibitor contact information may be displayed with the exhibit but cannot be attached to any walls.

Exhibit Areas and Dimensions

  1. Tower Lobby-Locked case measuring 62”H x 92”W x 24”D with 2 glass shelves spaced 20” apart.
  2. WOW Wall – Six glass cases between the circulation lobby and children’s area.
    • 3 cases measuring 14”H x 14”W x 23”D
    • 2 cases measuring 30”H x 30”W x 23”D
    • 1 case measuring 14”H x 30”W x 23”D
  3. Second Level Gallery Wall – Art rail behind the Music, Movies & More, consisting of 2 sections of wall (17 ½’ and 43’) totaling 60’.

The City of Southfield/Southfield Public Library is not liable for any damage, destruction or loss of the exhibit. The exhibitor will release the City/Library from any claims. The City/Library recommends that the exhibitor obtain his/her own insurance coverage in regards to the exhibits.

All exhibits and displays are offered to the Library on a non-fee basis.

Works of art may be offered for sale, with prices established by the artist. The artist is responsible for conducting the sale of any work directly with the purchaser, not through Library staff.

Cancellation of Exhibits
The Library reserves the right to require the exhibit to be removed or to cancel any exhibit should unforeseen conditions or situations arise.

Exhibit Application

Policy Last Updated: June, 2016

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