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Imagine Your Story this way! If you ever thought about doing genealogy . . .  your identity grows more vivid as you learn your family stories. Whether happy or troubled, all of them reverberate down the generations and make us thoughtful.

The nation’s most popular genealogy database, Ancestry, is allowing our Library Edition (normally in – Library use only) to be used from home during these COVID times.  This great offer of “at home” use has been extended through December 31st!  A Southfield/Lathrup Village resident can login from home with their Southfield Library Card.

Keep in mind that the Library Edition differs from a full membership Ancestry subscription. For example, you cannot create a family tree pedigree chart on the Library Edition site. But you can print out blank pedigree charts and family group forms to write in your information by hand. ( will allow you to create an online family tree for FREE or to enhance it with affordable upgrades, if you choose. It’s a safe, private place to keep a permanent pedigree chart.)

You can compare your Ancestry search results with results from MyHeritage Library Edition, which is always available from home to resident cardholders. It’s comparable to Ancestry. Searching more than one place is always better!

A family tree is never finished. You can better Imagine Your Story when you uncover more of your past. Go further with your genealogical exploration by writing and exploring DNA.  Consider watching these Ancestry YouTube videos to support your ever-evolving research skills.

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