Wireless Printing

You can now easily connect to our paid printing system from your own portable computer.

Black and white prints: $.15/per page.  Color prints: $.50/per page

If you have admin rights on your computer, running the printer-installer will add two printers (B&W-Wifi and Color-Wifi) temporarily to your printer array. (These printers will un-install when your computer is shut down.) You may then print to these printers from your application and retrieve the printouts at any Print Release Station. A Print Card is required to fund the printing jobs. Jobs sent to the print release queue will remain until the close of the current business day.

How do I print wirelessly?

1.   Install the required printer client on your computer.

  • To install, you must have admin rights on your computer.
  • Click here to run the printer installer.
    • When you are prompted, click RUN to continuing installing.
  • Two printers will install for your temporary use: B&W-Wifi or Color-Wifi.
  • These two printers will un-install when your computer is shut down.

2.   Print from your application.

  • Use your application’s print procedure.
  • Select a printer, either B&W-Wifi or Color-Wifi.
  • When prompted for a username, type in a username of your choice to associate with your print jobs.
  • Print jobs remain in the print queue until close of the current business day.
  • Print Card is required to retrieve your printouts.
    • Print Cards may be purchased from Print Card dispensers located in the library copy rooms. A $1.00 bill is required to purchase a Print Card. Your Print Card has an initial value of $.50. (Note: Dispensers accept bills only and do NOT give change.)  Print Cards are reusable.
    • You may add value to an existing card by inserting it into the Print Card dispenser, adding bills in increments of $1.00 up to a maximum of $20.00.

3.   Retrieve your printout from any Print Release Station.

  • Color prints may be retrieved at the Color Print Release Station.
  • At any Print Release station, insert your Print Card into the card reader to fund the jobs.
  • Click Release a Print Job, and enter your username.
  • A list of all print jobs associated with your username will be displayed. Select the job(s) you wish to print and click the Print button at the top left.
  • Pick up your printouts and retrieve your print card.


  • Southfield Public Library and its staff are not responsible for any lost, misdirected, scrambled, unintelligible, or deleted documents or mishaps which occur through this process, including damage the user feels has been done through the installation of the printing software.  This service is provided as a convenience to our users and is offered “as is.” No guarantees or warrantees of quality or performance are offered.  Please refer to the “Public Computer Use & Internet Policy.”
  • Some Windows 7 users will have to disable the User Access Control to run the printer. See here for instructions on how to turn off the UAC.
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