Computers & Labs

General Computers

The Library has more than 100 computers available on a first-come, first-served basis. These computers may not be reserved in advance. Guests may use a computer for up to two hours; card holders may use a computer for a longer period of time if no one is waiting. General-use computers provide Internet access and allow printing to a nearby black and white or color printer.  USB drives may be used at these computers.

Computer Labs

The Southfield Public Library has two Computer Labs with a total of 28 computers available for public use. The Computer Labs are located on the first and third floors of the Library. The purpose of the Labs is to allow Library staff to provide instructional classes and to provide individual users with access to selected software programs for research, educational, and business use.

Computer Lab Policy

  • The Computer Labs will be open to individual users when classes are not scheduled. The Computer Labs are not available for rental. Computer use is free.
  • Equipment available: computers, printers, flat-bed scanner.
  • Computer use is first-come, first-served.
  • There is a limit of two (2) users per workstation.
  • There is a charge for printing. Color and black & white printing is available.
  • Software available: Internet Explorer, Publisher, FrontPage, Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Library staff will provide assistance with opening, closing, printing, scanning, and basic software functions. Patrons will be directed to online tutorials and printed resources for further instruction.
  • All computer users must leave the Lab 30 minutes before a scheduled class. Lab computers will automatically power down at closing.
  • The Library Code of Conduct and the Public Computer Use and Internet Policy will be enforced in the Computer Labs. The Library reserves the right to monitor and disallow equipment usage.
  • Unethical, illegal, or misuse of equipment may result in a denial of computer privileges and/or further action by local authorities.
  • All equipment is used and data accessed at the user’s risk.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to provide their own storage media (CD-R/RWs) or (Travel / Thumb / Flash drives) and backup work frequently. The Library is not responsible for any corruption or loss of data due to power failures, computer hardware/software failures, network difficulties and/or users not periodically saving their work. Diskette use is not supported.

Permitted in the Labs:

  • Document creation or editing using the available Library software if the format is supported.
  • Headphones and USB storage devices that do not require the installation of software.
  • Internet searching for research purposes.
  • Downloading files to supported media.
  • Loading of personal paper in the printers (note: you must have approval from Library Staff in advance of loading paper; some paper may not be suitable for use in our printers).

Not Permitted in the Labs:

  • Unauthorized programs may not be uploaded to the hard drives or network.
  • USB port connection for equipment other than for handheld PCs, memory sticks, travel / thumb / flash drives and cameras.
  • Recreational use, including, but not limited to: watching films or videos, listening to music when not also doing research, using social networking web sites, engaging in Chat, or playing games of any sort.
  • Cell phone conversations. Please place your phone on vibrate mode and take calls outside of the Lab.
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