What to Read after One of Us is Lying

Have you finished reading One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus and want something similar? Try some of these great reads!

One of Us is Next
Karen McManus
The sequel to One of Us is Lying.
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Genuine Fraud
E. Lockhart
Imogen isn't really Imogen. She's Jule. And she's on the run from something. Or someone. Which means . . . where is the real Imogen?
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They Wish They Were Us
Jessica Goodman
Jill is a senior at Gold Coast Prep and a member of a not so secret society called the Players. Soon she is getting disturbing texts from her past that will put her future in danger.
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Even If We Break
Marieke Nijkamp
Five friends go to a cabin for a weekend getaway but all of them are hiding secrets that are dying to get out.
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Tiny Pretty Things
Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton
Free-spirited dancer Gigi just wants to dance at her new elite ballet school but it might kill her.
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White Rabbit
Caleb Roehrig
Rufus is having a bad night when his ex boyfriend Sebastion reappears; it gets worse when they find his sister April holding a knife covered in her boyfriends blood.
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People Like Us
Dana Mele
Kay has carefully created a perfect life at her new private school. It all comes crashing down when a dead body is found in the lake and clues to the killer's identity are found on Kays computer.
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The Initial Insult
Mindy McGinnis
Tress lost everything the night her parents disappeared driving Felicity home. Felicity could lose everything is Tress finds out what she knows.
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When You Look Like Us
Pamela N. Harris
Jay’s sister is missing and no one is looking for her. If he was a better brother maybe he would have been able to protect her, so now he has to find her.
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