Starting a Nonprofit
Get Tax Exempt Status
Outline of the process of applying for tax exempt, or 501(c)3, status through the IRS.
Guide to Starting a Nonprofit in Michigan
Step-by-step guide to starting a nonprofit in Michigan.
Tutorial on Starting a Nonprofit
The Foundation Center's guide to establishing a nonprofit
What Exactly is a Nonprofit?
Great overview of where to find all kinds of info on Nonprofits.
Fundraising for a Nonprofit
Finding Funding
Use the Foundation Center to search for funders & find statistics about how funding is distributed.
Grants & Foundations
A collection of web sites for researching grants.
Network for Good
Network for Good is an online community for nonprofits & those who support them with volunteerism and/or philanthropy.
For Donors
Before You Donate
Check out a charity before you donate your time or money.
Charity Watch
The American Insistute of Philanthropy has tools to help you give wisely to charities.
General Information about Running Nonprofits
Charity Village
Independent Sector
Tech Soup for Nonprofits