Teen Titles for 6th-8th Grades

Miracle's Boys
Woodson, Jacqueline
Charlie is headed down a dark path that will lead straight to jail and younger brother Lafayette also torn by the loss of his mother is determined to stop him. Their oldest brother has become legal guardian and is convinced that the 3 will still be a family.
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Double Dutch
Draper, Sharon
Three teens deal with life-altering secrets that they need to face as they prepare for the Jump Roping Double Dutch Final Competition.
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Johnson, Angela
13-year-old Bird secretly follows her stepfather from her Ohio home all the way to Alabama in hopes of convincing him to return with her. Along the way she helps two boys to come to terms with their own dramas.
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The Losers Club
Lekich, John
Alex Sherwood and his pals Manny and Winston are plagued by School Bully Jerry Whitman and must find a non-physical way to finally end the high school tyrants reign of terror.
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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Sheldon, Diane
Lola and Ella are best friends dealing with a very popular and sneaky rival Carla Santini the question is can they beat her with out sinking to her level?
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Raven's Gate
Horowitz, Anthony
After getting caught stealing and being thrown into a creepy foster home, Matt’s troubles continue to worsen as he uncovers an evil plot to end the world. Could he be the one to save it?
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The Summer of Riley
Bunting, Eve
William takes on his whole town after his new pet dog Riley attacks his elderly neighbor’s beloved old horse. Can he save Riley’s life and keep the friendship of his longtime neighbor?
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Game of Sunken Places
Anderson, M. J.
When two boys go to visit an eccentric uncle in Vermont they end up being pulled into a mysterious board game that sends them on the most dangerous adventure of their lives.
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First Boy
Schmidt, Gary
Cooper Jewett is trying to run his grandfather’s beloved New Hampshire dairy farm now that he is gone. All of sudden Senators, Secret Service Agents and even the President of the United States enter his once quiet life and force him to question who he really is.
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Virtual War
Skurzynski, Gloria
Three genetically engineered teens, have been training all their life to compete in the ultimate video game where winning is the only option.
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Spacer and Rat
Bechard, Margaret
Jack is a spacer, having been a member of one of the first families who came from earth and began colonizing other planets. Now all on his own, he has a chance for a better job assignment, until Kit a troubled orphan or rat with a string of enemies on her tail turns his life upside down.
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Small Steps
Sacher, Louis
Since leaving Camp Greenlake 3 years ago Armpit has been working hard both at school and in the landscape business but a crazy ticket scalping plan by his friend X-Ray could put him back in hot water again.
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Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws
Rallison, Janette
Josie and Cami are best friends and teammates however good-looking popular Ethan Lancaster could blow their friendship and their upcoming game apart.
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Zevin, Gabrielle
Liz Hall is only 15 but her life on earth is over. Now she finds her self in Elsewhere living with a grandmother she never knew. Will she ever be able to make a life in the after-life?
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Urchin of the Riding Stars
McAllister, Margaret
The animals of Mismantle lived in peace and harmony but now evil forces are threatening to destroy it all. It is up to a mysterious squirrel that fell from the sky and a band of unlikely woodland heros to put an end to this evil once and for all.
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Taking Sides
Soto, Gary
Basketball star Lincoln Mendoza was perfectly content just playing for fun on his school’s losing team. A move to a wealthier suburb puts him on a winning team that could end up losing him his best friend and his own identity. It is up to him to find a way to merge old and new.
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Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
Yee, Lisa
Stanford is a pro on the basketball court but not in English class, which means summer school. Now in order to keep his place on the team and gain his father’s respect he must endure the torturous tutoring of Millicent Min.
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Blacker, Terence
Sam is the new kid having just come to England from the States after his mother’s death, and desperate to prove himself he takes his cousin’s dare to start school disguised as girl. However, what starts out as a simple prank ends up plunging Sam into serious trouble.
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The Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick
Percy Jackson has just found out that his father is a powerful Greek God and it is up to Percy to take a perilous journey risking his life in order to restore tranquility to world of the gods.
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The Teacher's Funeral
Peck, Richard
It is 1904 and Russell Culver is sick of Hominy Ridge School and figures with the passing of his tough as nails teacher his one room school-house of terror will be closed for good. Unfortunately for Russell his school days are far from over and his new teacher could be the best or worse thing that has ever happened to him.
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The Tail of Emily Windsnap
Kessler, Liz
Emily has never been allowed to go swimming and after entering the pool at school and breaking out in scales and a tail she now knows why. She must find out the truth behind her aquatic inheritance and figure out away to blend her human and mermaid sides.
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The Truth About Sparrows
Hale, Marian
On July 18, 1933 Sadie and her family pack up and leave their home hoping to find work and better life in Texas. Giving up her long time home and best friend Wilma, is hard on Sadie but kind new neighbors including lively redhead Dollie could make all the difference.
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A Boy at War
Mazer, Harry
While fishing with his friends Adam becomes a witness to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He then sets out on a mission to locate his father who was serving on the U.S.S. Arizona when the bomb fell.
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A Mango Shaped Space
Mass, Wendy
Mia is seeing colors with every letter, number and sound it is both scary and exciting but with the pressure of school, friends, and family it is too much to handle on her own.
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The Music of Dolphins
Hess, Karen
After being raised by dolphins for many years a girl is “rescued” by a group of researchers determined to help her to relearn human ways.
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