Funny Fiction

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Adams, Douglas
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Murder, with Peacocks (The Meg Lanslow Series, Book 1)
Andrews, Donna
The Turing Hopper Series
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Dragon on a Pedestal (The Xanth Series, Book 7)
Anthony, Piers
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Wish You Were Here (The Mrs. Murphy Series, Book 1)
Brown, Rita Mae
The Jane Arnold Series & The Mags and Baxter Series
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Maybe This Time
Crusie, Jennifer
Agnes and the Hitman, Manhunting, Crazy for You, Bet Me & others
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Florida Roadkill (The Serge Storms Series, Book 1)
Dorsey, Tim
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One for the Money (The Stephanie Plum Series, Book 1)
Evanovich, Janet
The Between the Plums Series, Sweet Spot, & Big Girl Panties
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Bridget Jone's Diary (The Bridget Jones Series, Book 1)
Fielding, Helen
Cause Celeb & Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
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Lightning Bug (The Stay More Series, Book 1)
Harington, Donald
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Razor Girl
Hiaasen, Carl
Bad Monkey, The Skink Series, & The Hoot Series
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Lake Wobegon Days (The Lake Wobegon Series, Book 1)
Keillor, Garrison
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Confession of a Shop-a-holic (The Shop-a-holic Series, Book 1)
Kinsella, Sophie
Can You Keep a Secret, My Not-so-Perfect Life, & others
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The Color of Magic (A Novel of the Discworld)
Pratchett, Terry
The Long Earth Series, The Tiffany Aching Series, & Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman)
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Reed, Ishmael
Flight To Canada, Mumbo Jumbo, Japanese by Spring, & others
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Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (The Series, book 1)
Ross, Ann B.
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court & The Prince and the Pauper
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Westlake, Donald
The Dortmunder Series & Put a Lid on It
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The Inimitable Jeeves (The Jeeves and Wooster Series, Book 2)
Wodehouse, P. G.
French Leave, Quick Leave, Money for Nothing, & others
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