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With lazier days and more time indoors, winter comes with the distinctive benefit of having more time to spend with a good book. Sometimes a long book – with a hefty list of characters and a inner universe that’s hard to exit – is the ideal companion to while away the hours with. At other times, a mood-boosting and feel-good novel is a welcome antidote to the gloomy weather outside. Or you may be longing for the satisfaction of finishing a classic. Whatever your mood and literary appetite, here are a few novels to get you thinking about winter reading plans.

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Darling Rose Gold
Wrobel, Stephanie
"A tale of revenge five years in the making. Rose Gold’s mother kept her purposely sick her entire life and now that her mother is out of jail, it’s time to make her pay. A darkly, beautiful tale intended to be devoured as quickly as possible."
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No Offense
Cabot, Meg
Little Bridge Island, Book 2
If you’re longing to get away from the winter, try this story from a new series that takes place in a small town in the Florida Keys. It’s a humorous romance about a librarian, an arrogant sheriff, and a little bit of hope.
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A Wild Winter Swan
Maguire, Gregory
In this beautiful tale of magical realism, Laura is grief stricken by the loss of her mother and brother. When she moves to Manhattan to live with her grandparents, she befriends a swan-boy with a broken wing. During her quest to rebuild a new wing for him, she discovers that her grandparents are financially struggling to save the family store.
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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
Richardson, Kim Michele
If you love stories about fierce, determined women, check out this inspiring story of the Pack Horse Library Project. Cussy’s goal is to spread learning and literacy throughout her small town, no matter how many people stand in her way.
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Watching You
Jewell, Lisa
Read a mystery that takes place in two timelines. In the first, Joey has moved into a new, affluent neighborhood, where a grisly murder has shocked the community. In the second, an unnamed teen writes diary entries about a handsome, yet mysterious young teacher at her school. How do the storylines intertwine? You’ll have to read to find out.
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Winter of Despair
Harrison, Cora
Gaslight Mysteries, Book 2
Don’t be fooled by the title! Step into 1853, where a dead body and a torn painting of A Winter of Despair perplexes London’s Inspector Field. Now amateur detectives Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins are on the case to follow the murderer through a tight-knit group of painters, where anyone could be next on the killer’s list."
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The Awakening
Roberts, Nora
The Dragon Heart Legacy, Book 1
Take a dive into a fantasy world, where dragons, fairies, and mermaids co-exist. Breen grows up in Philadelphia, only to discover that her long-lost father is from a mystical land and she has a strange yet dangerous destiny.
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Dare to Love a Baller
K, Kim
All-star basketball player Jace thinks he has everything he could ever want. Until, he realizes that he’s in love with his best friend, Drew, who couldn’t be less interested in him. Now, Jace has to prove himself before his heart gets broken.
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The Affair
Steel, Danielle
Drop into the salacious world of the Hollywood elite with a novel full of twists and turns. Rose is editor at Mode magazine and has to make the difficult decision to run a story of an affair between a young actor and a best-selling author, who happens to be her son-in-law.
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The Last Story of Mina Lee
Kim, Nany Jooyoun
Margot Lee must dig through her mother’s past after she dies under mysterious circumstances and discovers that she was an undocumented immigrant after fleeing the Korean War. The story takes an unflinching look at the reality of the American myth of reinvention."
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One Last Stop
McQuiston, Casey
August isn’t sure that love really exists, but a chance encounter on the subway may prove her wrong. She develops a “subway crush” on Jane, who not only looks like a 70s punk rocker, she actually is from the 70s. So, it’s up to August to help her get back to her own timeline."
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The Dating Plan
Desai, Sara
If fake-dating romance tropes are your favorite, this novel is a fun adventure to curl up with. Daisy wants to escape her family’s insistence on an arranged marriage, so she cooks up a scheme with her brother’s best friend to pretend to be engaged, so they can escape their family’s expectations.
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Smith, Michael Farris
"If you’ve ever wondered what Nick Carraway’s life was like before he met Jay Gatsby, this prequel novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous work is something to check out. Follow Nick through the trenches of World War I, a whirlwind romance in Paris, and to the colorful streets of New Orleans."
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Antoinette, Ashley
Butterfly, Book 1
Morgan was always told to run away from the boy who made her heart flutter like a butterfly, because he would only break it. After failing to heed that advice the first time, she settles into marriage with a respectable man, but one she doesn’t love. Soon, she finds her heart fluttering for someone who is not her husband and trapped in a dramatic affair.
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