Dystopian Wastelands

Read about these teens as they fight to live another post-apocalyptic day.

Kathayrn Blair
After most of humanity is turned into flesh-eating monsters there is only one person who can save the world. It isn’t Charlotte, it’s her little sister.
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Dread Nation
Justina Ireland
Set in an alternate history where the American Civil war was put on hold due to zombies; Jane McKeene, a trained Zombie fighter, gets caught up in a conspiracy even more rotten than the undead that roam the countryside.
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Lauren Oliver
In an alternate United States, the government has declared love a dangerous disease. At the age of 18 everyone undergoes a procedure that “cures” them of ever falling in love.
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Samira Ahmed
In a near future, United States Layla and her family are forced to live in an Internment Camp for Muslim Americans.
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Cindy Pon
Jason Zho’s world is divided. Those rich enough can buy longer, healthier lives and those who are poor must live through devastating pollution and disease. Tired of the rampant corruption, Jason decides to infiltrate the lives of the elite and bring them down from the inside.
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War Girls
Tochi Onyebruchi
Climate change and nuclear war have all but destroyed Earth, leaving little beyond a war torn landscape. Two sisters who dream of peace will do anything, even fight a war to have a future together.
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Joelle Charbonneau
Meri believes she lives in a perfect Chicago- it is peaceful, full of hope and without lies. But when her mother is murdered, Meri is full of questions no one else seems to be asking. Soon she discovers a secret world where the “truth” of her peaceful world is upended.
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Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman
When the California drought escalates to a “Tap Out” and everyone’s taps literally run dry, Alyssa’s neighborhood becomes a warzone of desperate people searching for water.
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Spill Zone
Scott Westerfeld and Alex Pulvilland
Three years ago the town of Poughkeepsie was destroyed, leaving only a zone of danger and strange manifestations. Addison whose parents were lost inside the “Spill Zone” now makes her living breaking into the old city and photographing the horrors inside. (Graphic Novel)
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