April Showers

Nights of Rain and Stars
Binchy, Maeve
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Four strangers on holiday in Greece bond together over a tragic accident.
Send No Flowers
Brown, Sandra
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When a storm threatens to ruin a family camping trip, Alicia relies upon a stranger for help. But soon, he offers much more than shelter from a storm.

Rain Gods
Burke, James Lee
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A small town sheriff finds himself involved in a murder case.
The Language Of Flowers
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa
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A woman whose gift for flowers helps her change the lives of others even as she struggles to overcome her own past.

The Blue Flower
Fitzgerald, Penelope
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The boisterous life of an 18th c poet reveals his passion for Sophie – his blue flower.
Pushing Up Daisies
Harris, Rosemary
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A landscaper discovers the remains of an infant while she renovates the gardens of a prominent family.

Flowers For Algernon
Keyes, Daniel
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A mentally disabled man finds himself the subject of an experiment that is destined to change his life.

Former Rain
Miller, Vanessa
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Elizabeth and Nina find that when it rains, it usually pours troubles.
Tulip Fever
Moggach, Deborah
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Two young lovers in 17th century Amsterdam gamble on the volatile tulip bulb craze to finance their elopement.

Scent Of Rain And Lightning
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Pickard, Nancy
A woman haunted by past events finally comes face to face with the truth.
Bed of Roses
Roberts, Norah
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Four partners in a wedding planning business find themselves tangled up in romance.
Hard Rain: a thriller
Rollins, David
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An Air Force special agent goes to Istanbul to investigate the gruesome death of an U. S. attaché.

Snow Flower And The Secret Fan: a novel
See, Lisa
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Two life long friends communicate through a secret language in ancient China.
The Art Of Racing In The Rain: a novel
Stein, Garth
Our Catalog
A wise old dog tries to bring a shattered family back together.
Flower Children
Swann, Maxine
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The children of free spirited hippies tell their stories of growing up.
A Hundred Flowers: [a novel]
Tsukiyama, Gail
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A family struggles in Mao’s repressive regime of the 1950s.
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