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Mother Bruce
Ryan T. Higgins
Bruce is a grumpy bear who likes no one and nothing but cooked eggs, but when some eggs he was planning to boil hatch and the goslings believe he is their mother, he must try to make the best of the situation.
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How to Be a Lion
Ed Vere
Leonard isn't like other lions. He's gentle and likes to spend his time on this thinking hill Is it okay to be different than all the other lions?
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Priscilla Gorilla
Words by Barbara Bottner
Pictures by Michael Emberley
Priscilla, a gorilla-obsessed first grader, but when her gorilla-antics get her sent to the "Thinking Corner" she starts to wonder if she is more than just a trouble maker.
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A Game of Fox & Squirrels
Jenn Reese
11-year-old Samantha and her older sister are sent to live with their estranged aunt after her father breaks her sister's arm.
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Full of Beans
Jennifer L. Holm
Ten-year-old Beans Curry, the best marble playing gang in Depression-era Key West, Florida, engages in various schemes to earn money while "New Dealers" arrive to turn run down Key West into a tourist resort.
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Words by Sara Pennypacker
Pictures by Jon Klassen
After being forced to give up his pet fox, who he raised since a kit, Peter is determined to find him again.
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When You Trap a Tiger
Tae Keller
Lily's glamorous Korean grandmother warned her never to make deals with a talking tiger.
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Scary Stories for Young Foxes
Words by Christian McKay Heidlicker
Pictures by Junyi Wu
Six connected short stories that follows a group of fox kits as they fight to survive.
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Dragon Pearl
Yoon Ha Lee
Min, a thirteen-year-old girl with fox-magic, stows away on a battle cruiser and impersonates a cadet in order to solve the mystery of what happened to her older brother in the Thousand World Space Forces.Our Catalog
Kamik Joins the Pack
Words by Darryl Baker
Pictures by Qin Leng
Jake trains his dog, Kamik in hopes that Kamik will become a great musher for his uncle's dog sledding team.Our Catalog


Saving Fiona; the Story of the Worlds Most Famous Baby Hippo
Thane Maynard
Describes the life of Fiona, a baby hippopotamus who was born prematurely and raised by humans at the Cincinnati Zoo, and details how the hippo became a worldwide Internet sensation.
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What do They do with all that Poo?
Words by Jane Kurtz
Pictures by Allison Black
What does the zoo do when an animal in their care goes number two?
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Mammals: a 4D Book
Jacyln Jaycox
Vivid pictures of the beautiful aniamls from the Smithsonian's national zoo.
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The Words Biggest Mammals
Mari Shuh
Full color photos with text for early readers.
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Bats, Blue Whales and Other Mammals
Steve Parker
A detailed account of everything you need to know about mammals.
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