Boats for Papa
Jessixa Bagley
Buckley and his mother cope with the loss of their father/husband by sending small wooden boats, built by Buckley, off into the ocean.
Cry, Heart, but Never Break
Words by Glenn Ringtved (Translated by Robert Moulthrop)
Pictures by Charlotte Pardi
Aware their grandmother is gravely ill, four siblings learn to realize the value of loss, life, and the importance of being able to say goodbye.
The Funeral
Matt James
Great-uncle Frank was old and died and Norma's mother is sad but Norma isn't.
The Goodbye Book
Todd Parr
Illustrations and brief text relate how a person might feel when they lose someone they love.
Grandmother's Visit
Words by Betty Quan
Pictures by Cameron Mok
Grace has a special bond with her grandmother until she passes away. After the funeral, Grace's mom turns on all the outside lights so her grandmother can return for one final goodbye.
Ida, Always
Words by Caron Levis
Pictures by Charles Santoso
A polar bear grieves over the loss of his companion, based on the real-life Gus and Ida of New York's Central Park Zoo.
Michael Rosen's Sad Book
Words by Michael Rosen
Pictures by Quentin Blake
A man tells about all the emotions that accompany his sadness over the death of his son, and how he tries to cope.
The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's Garden
Words by Heather Smith
Pictures by Rachel Wada
A Japanese boy loses his dad in a tsunami.
Rabbit and the Motorbike
Words by Kate Hoefler
Pictures by Sarah Jacoby
Rabbit never ventures outside his home, but he enjoys old Dog's stories of life on the road. When Dog dies and leaves Rabbit his bike, Rabbit starts to feel the pull of the open road.
Remembering Ethan
Words by Lesléa Newman
Pictures by Tracy Nishimura Bishop
A young girl misses her deceased brother and wants to talk about him, and she does not understand why her parents do not even want to mention his name.
You'll Find Me
Words by Amanda Rawson Hill
Pictures by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff
Illustrations and easy-to-read text highlight ways to find reminders of loved ones in everyday actions, even after they are gone.
The Canyon's Edge
Dustin Bowling
A year after the death of her mother in a restaurant shooting, Nora is left struggling to stay alive when a climbing trip with her father goes terribly wrong.
Halfway to Harmony
Barbara O'Connor
Ten-year-old Walter Tipple is grieving his beloved older brother, Tank, when a sassy girl named Posey moves in next door and Banjo, a hot-air balloonist, sets the pair on an adventure.
Isaiah Dunn is My Hero
Kelly J. Baptist
After his dad passes away, Isaiah is the big man of the house but it's a lot harder than it looks. When things get tough, he finds his dad's old journal filled with stories about superhero Isaiah Dunn.
The Line Tender
Kate Allen
Lucy Everhart decides to continue the shark research her marine biologist mother left unfinished when she died years earlier.
Dancing at the Pity Party: A Dead Mom Graphic Memoir
Tyler Feder
Tyler shares the story of her mother's terminal illness.
A Monster Calls
Words by Patrick Ness (inspired by Siobhan Dowd)
Pictures by Jim Kay
13-year-old Conor awakens to find a monster outside his window. Not the one from the recurring nightmare that began when his mother became ill, an ancient, wild creature that wants him to face truth and loss.
Sorry for Your Loss
Jessie Ann Foley
After the death of his older brother, the only person to ever truly believe in him, Pup Flanagan is sick of hearing "sorry for your loss."
Love Letters to the Dead
Ava Dellaira
When Laurel starts writing letters to dead people for a school assignment, she begins to spill about her sister's mysterious death, her mother's departure from the family, her new friends, and her first love.
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