Fish Reads


Henny, Penny, Lenny, Deny, and Mike
Words by Cynthia Rylant
Pictures by Mike Austin
Five guppies love their life in a little girl's fish tank until some new additions shake things up.
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Not Norman: A Goldfish Story
Words by Kelly Bennet
Pictures by Noah Z. Jones
As a boy attempts to convince someone else to take his disappointing pet, he learns to love Norman the goldfish himself.
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My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Live and Let Swim
Words by Mo O'Hara
Pictures by Marek Jagucki
Sami has to look after her big brother's goldfish, it won't be easy with Fang the vampire kitten lurking next door. . .
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The Fourteen Goldfish
Jennifer L. Holm
Ellie's scientist grandfather has discovered a way to reverse aging, and consequently has turned into a teenager--which makes for complicated relationships when he moves in with Ellie and her mother, his daughter
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I Like Fish
Words by Margaret Wise Brown
Pictures by G. Brian Karas
In this Easy Reader, the brief rhyming text lists all the types of fish the narrator likes.
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Words by Lee Nordling
Pictures by Meritxell Bosch
Three connected, wordless stories relate heroic tales of a small but independent fish, a hungry barracuda, and a school of dozens of fish.
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Spirit Animals: Against the Tide
Tui Sutherland
Four children have discovered that they have spirit animals, a rare bond between human and animal that has launched them on a quest to save their world.
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Tracey Baptise
Eleven-year-old Corinne must call on her courage and an ancient magic to stop an evil spirit and save her island home.
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The Fisherman and his Wife
Words Retold and Pictures by Rachel Isadora
The fisherman's greedy wife is never satisfied with the wishes granted her by an enchanted fish.
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Fish Everywhere
Britta Teckentrup
Topics are explained in simple, relatable language limited to page spreads.
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Amazon Adventure: How Tiny Fish are Saving the World's Largest Rainforest
Words by Sy Montgomery
Pictures by Keith Ellenbogen
Adventure into the Amazon as part of ongoing efforts to protect tiny tropical fish that fill aquariums around the world.
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The Fascinating Fresh Water Fish Book: How to Catch, Keep, and Observe Your own Native Fish
John R. Quinn
An entertaining and educational look at a wide variety of aquatice life.
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Fabulous Fishes
Susan Stockdale
Clear rhymes and acrylic artwork make this a fascinating introduction to fish.
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Antifreeze, Leaf Costumes, and Other Fabulous Fish Adaptations
Words by Laura Perdew
Pictures by Katie Mazeika
Kids discover some of the amazing adaptations in the world of fish.
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