Book Club Reading List – 2019

The Picture of Dorian Gray
January 8th & 9th
Wilde, Oscar
Our Catalog
The Pact
February 12th & 13th
Davis, Sampson and Others
Our Catalog
Everyone's Reading
Kiss Carlo
March 12th & 13th
Our Catalog
April 9th & 10th
West, Lindy
Our Catalog
May 8th & 14th
Gyasi, Yaa
Our Catalog
Killers of the Flower Moon
June 11th & 12th
Grann, David
Our Catalog
The Leisure Seeker
July 9th & 10th
Zadoorian, Michael
Our Catalog
August - Off
White Trash
September 10th & 11th
Isenberg, Nancy
Our Catalog
How to Stop Time
October 8th & 9th
Haig, Matt
Our Catalog
November 12th & 13th
Hurston, Zora Neale
Our Catalog
December - Off
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