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Michigan Notable Books 2017 – Southfield Public Library

Michigan Notable Books 2017

Each year the MNB list features 20 books, published the previous calendar year [2016 for this set], which are about or set in Michigan or the Great Lakes region, or are written by a Michigan author. Selections include nonfiction and fiction books that appeal to a variety of audiences and cover various topics and issues close to the hearts of Michigan residents. MNB is a statewide program that began as part of the 1991 Michigan Week celebration, designed to pay tribute and draw attention to the many people, places and things that make Michigan life unique.

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Here are some of the 2017 winners from our catalog!

Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss
Stroh, Frances
In Beer Money: a Memoir of Privilege and Loss, Frances Stroh reveals the complexities of her childhood as a member of the Stroh’s Beer family. Once in possession of the largest private beer fortune in America, the iconic Detroit label’s decline paralleled that of the slow unraveling of the author’s family. Ms. Stroh’s book is a recollection of a city, an industry, and a dynasty in decline, and the story of a young artist who struggles to find her way out of the ruins.
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The Charm Bracelet: A Novel
Shipman, Viola
The Charm Bracelet revolves around a keepsake bracelet owned by an elderly grandmother named Lolly. Each charm is a marker for a family memory that she fears will go unknown by her daughter and granddaughter. Shipman has written a story of love, family and the importance of connectivity, one that spans multiple generations of Michigan history and vividly evokes the sun-kissed beauty of summers in Northern Michigan.
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Detroit Resurrected: To Bankruptcy and Back
Bomey, Nathan
Detroit, famed for its mid-century wealth, experienced the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history in 2013. Journalist Nathan Bomey delivers the inside story of the fight to save Detroit from years of mismanagement and population loss. City administrators had to find a path out of debt that did not include losing the Detroit Institute of Arts. Detroit Resurrected is a story of financial ruin, backroom intrigue, and political rebirth in the struggle to reinvent one of America’s iconic cities.
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Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure
Dunphy, Maureen
In her book, author Maureen Dunphy explores in depth over 30 of the islands in the Great Lakes Basin. Featuring those accessible by bridge or ferry, she introduces more than 50 additional islands in the United States and Canada. Each chapter provides information about getting to the islands, what to expect when you get there, the island’s history, and what natural, historical, and cultural sites are available.
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Hystopia: A Novel
Means, David
Hystopia is a debut novel that portrays an alternate history of America in which JFK did not die in Dallas. Set in the late 1960s, Kennedy is entering his third term in office while the Vietnam War continues. Veteran Eugene Allen writes of the ensuing destabilization of the nation in his book-within-a-book. It is a story intended to honor those who fought in Vietnam while also capturing his own tragic history.
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Lake Invaders: Invasive Species & the Battle for the Future of the Great Lakes
Rapai, William
There are more than 180 alien species in the Great Lakes; some are harmless so far, while others have wreaked biological and economic disruption. William Rapai focuses on the impact of these invasives while examining the value of the Great Lakes from a human perspectiv. The once isolated ecosystem is now part of a world economy. Balanced and accessible, the author examines new policies of prevention and the tradeoffs required to protect the lakes and tributaries.
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The Last Good Girl: A Novel
Leotta, Allison
Inspired by real-life stories, The Last Good Girl shines a light on campus rape and the powerful emotional dynamics that affect the families of the men and women on both sides. In the novel, Emily Shapiro has gone missing. A freshman at a Michigan university, she was last seen leaving a bar near a prestigious and secretive fraternity. It is the job of prosecutor Anna Curtis to find Emily alive, but lacking physical evidence, Anna bears the scrutiny of the media and powerful people who would like the case to disappear.
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Sweetgirl: A Novel
Mulhauser, Travis
Sweetgirl is a debut novel about a fearless sixteen-year old girl, her meth addicted mother and a life or death struggle. While searching for her missing mother, Percy James discovers a baby girl in the freezing home of a minor criminal. Taking the child forces her to confront the nature of her mother’s affliction while she finds her own fate tied to that of the child’s. Mulhauser captures the sweeping sense of cultural and geographic isolation of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a story of courage and sacrifice.
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Terror in the Ciy of Champions: Murder, Baseball, & the Secret Society that Shocked Depression-Era Detroit
Stanton, Tom
In Terror in the City of Champions, Stanton weaves a tale of history, crime and sports in Depression-era Detroit. A true story involving athletes, criminals, industrialists, a priest and two future presidents, the sweeping saga is set in a city occupied by the Black Legion, a Klan-like group. While sports in Detroit flourished, so did the Legion, which boasted tens of thousands of members across the Midwest. Not a story of the humble and unemployed, this is a story of sports and crime gone large.
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