BCALA 2013

The awards recognize excellence in adult fiction and nonfiction by African American authors published in 2012, including an award for Best Poetry and a citation for Outstanding Contribution to Publishing.

African American Literature Book Club

Here are some of the 2013 winners from our catalog! Take a look at the 2013 Winner page for the full list. Don’t forget to contact the Southfield library to place items on hold if we don’t have a copy available right away!

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie
Winner of: 1st Novelist Award

Mathis, Avana

The Twelve Tribes of Hattie is an expertly crafted, often harrowing tale revealing the interrelated stories of matriarch Hattie Shepherd and her diverse offspring in a unique twentieth century American story. The individual personal experiences of each family member are thematically linked together in a dynamic illustration of the universal story of loss, illness, personal demons, and unrealized dreams. Ultimately, this story demonstrates the search for self-­-actualization, personal truth, reconciliation, and love. Mathis is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop.
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Winner of: Fiction

Pitts Jr., Leonard

Freeman tells the heroic story of Sam Freeman, an ex-­-slave, who after fifteen years of living in the North, risks his life and freedom to reunite with his wife who remains in bondage in the South. Against insurmountable odds, Sam defines his personal meaning of freedom during the tumultuous aftermath of the Civil War. This gripping story is a powerful testament to the transcendent power of purpose, faith, and love. Pitts is a columnist for the Miami Herald.
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The Cutting Season: A Novel
Honor Book: Fiction

Locke, Attica

The Cutting Season deftly mixes literary genres creating an atmospheric tale centered around the true main character of the story, the Belle Vie Plantation. The multi-­-generational story of Belle Vie's inhabitants, both past and present, comes crashing together when a woman is murdered on its grounds. In this contemporary novel, Locke highlights lingering racial tensions and politics of the South while bringing to light issues of agro-­-politics and the plight of undocumented workers in post-­-Katrina Louisiana. Locke lives in Los Angeles.
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Dorothy West's Paradise: A Biography of Class and Color
Honor Book: Non-Fiction

Sherrard-Jackson, Cherene

Dorothy West's Paradise is a well-­-researched and important biography of one of the youngest Harlem Renaissance authors, Dorothy West. This unconventional biography provides excellent insight into West's life and the influence her privileged upbringing and deep involvement with the elite society of the Oak Bluffs community on Martha's Vineyard had on her writing. Sherrard-­-Johnson is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-­-Madison.
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